This is your Club. IYC requests that all members abide by the rules set forth below

1. Club facilities are available only to members, their children and invited guests.

2. Members shall keep their lockers and boats in the yard in proper order. No gasoline, oils, open paint cans, or rags are permitted in the building.

3. No property of the Club shall be removed or loaned without the permission of the Board of Directors.

4. Members using the Club's facilities for boat repair and maintenance shall clean up the premises daily before leaving.

5. All boats, sails, equipment, etc. are to be returned to storage or stalls at the end of each day. No boats, trailers or equipment are to be left on the pier unattended.

6. Bicycles or other similar vehicles are not permitted beyond the parking lot area or on the pier at any time.

7. In accordance with established rules of good conduct, the Officer in Charge, the Caretaker or the Summer Director is authorized to expel from the Club's premises any individual who is considered a disciplinary problem or is causing wanton damage to the Club's property or to the property of its members.

8. All members are urged to observe common rules of safety and courtesy both on the Club's property or on the water.

9. The Club's crash boats are to be used only by authorized persons as approved by the Board of Directors.

10. Any suggestions or complaints concerning the Club's activities, facilities or employees shall be presented to the commodore or to the appropriate committee chair for action.

11. The club shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to property used or stored on the premises. The use of the facilities are strictly at the user's risk. Please report any accidents to the Port Captain.

12. The Board of Directors and Junior Sailing Committee (if a junior is involved) will rule as to any penalties resulting from infractions of the established Club Rules.

13. All pets and dogs shall be kept on a leash when on the Club's premises.

14. All children under 10 years old must wear life [preserver and appropriate clothing while on the dock and/or engaging in water activities.

15. Members are encouraged to use the boating facilities at any time (even when the ballroom is in use or rented).

16. IYC boats can be used by members after receiving prior authorization from the Board of Directors.

17. Members needing yard space for their boats must get prior approval from the Port Captain before moving the vessel into the yard.