The Inverness Yacht Club prides itself in recruiting a highly talented group of instructors including individuals who have been through the IYC Youth Sailing Program as well as those who bring experience from other programs. Every year, the Club seeks to find a group of instructors that will both complement the goals of the Youth Sailing Program and that will fit and work well together as a team. The instructors who are offered a position are required to be a member of US Sailing and have current certificates in First Aid and CPR. Instructors must have a  California Boater Card and have passed the US Sailing Level One Instructor Certification Course prior to the start of the first day of Session One. 

Positions for Head Instructor, Assistant Head Instructor, instructor, and Counselor-In-Training (CIT) are available. Instructors have a choice of working one three week session or both sessions. Their online application should specify which they prefer and if they would accept employment if they are only hired for a single session. The Youth Sailing Committee has the discretion of offering employment for one or both sessions.

The 2020 Youth Sailing summer program:

Prep Week: June 15 - June 19 (June 15 Leadership Team only) with one of those days as a motorboat prep day.

Session One: Monday, June 22 at 9:00 a.m. and ends on Friday, July 10th.

Session Two: Monday, July 13 at 9:00 a.m. and ends on Friday, July 31st.

Clean up week and debrief sessions: August 3, 4, and 5.

All instructors must be present for prep and clean up weeks. 

We also offer a Counselor in Training (CIT) program for those who have been in the program, are at least 16 years of age by June 1, 2020 and have also completed the Level One US Sailing Instructor course before the start of session one. CITs enrolling with US Sailing for Level One training and certification may apply to the Youth Sailing Committee for scholarship funds to help cover their costs by requesting assistance after they are offered a position. CITs must also have completed the American Red Cross or American Heart Association certification for CPR and First Aid.  A hybrid course (partial on-line and partial in-class) is acceptable.


A $200 per week stipend will be paid to CITs. There are up to 3 CIT positions available per three-week session. CITs should be available for both prep week and clean up week regardless of which session they are working and will be compensated as well. Current CITs are welcome to apply for a second year. In recognition of their additional experience, 2nd year CITs will be paid $300/week. All candidates need to apply, regardless of whether they have previously been an instructor. Please fill out the online application available under the Youth Sailing page on the Inverness Yacht Club website. In addition, please submit a cover letter, two references,  and a resume to

Deadlines and Applicant Selection Process

The deadline for applying for the 2020 program is October 15, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. After submitting an application, you will be contacted by a member of the Youth Sailing Committee to have either an interview in person, telephone, or by Skype.

Your references will be called. Applicants will be notified by email in the beginning of December as to whether they will be offered a contract. The Youth Sailing Interview Committee will conduct interviews of applicants. The interviews will focus on three areas:

  • General sailing knowledge and the conditions on Tomales Bay

  • Why the applicant wants to be an instructor in the IYC Youth program

  • What skills, experience, and strengths does the applicant have that will contribute to success as an instructor in the program.

The Youth Sailing Committee will make the final hiring decision.

2020 IYC Youth Sailing Job Descriptions Head Instructor ($890/week)

 The Head Instructor (HI) is responsible for the overall management of the program. The Head Instructor will work with the Youth Sailing Committee (the “YSC”) to address the needs of the Program.

Specific duties include:  

  • Lead the Instructors during Prep and Clean-Up Days

  • Advise the Fleet Maintenance Coordinator of fleet repair needs

  • Introduce the Program and Instructors on the first day of each session.

  • Oversee assignment or reassignment of campers to appropriate boat group.

  • Assign, reassign, or rotate instructors to boat groups dependent on the needs of the program.

  • Assign lesson plans to Instructors, or ask Instructors to prepare lesson plans, for the coming week by preceding Friday.

  • Keep track of instructors’ hours for payroll and report to the Treasurer.

  • Keep track of petty cash receipts and entries into the register.

  • Coordinate visits with guest Yacht Club Youth Sailing Programs (optional).

  • The Head Instructor shall present him/herself professionally. The IYC Head Instructor polo shirts shall be worn while in the role of Head Instructor.

  • Determine the activities of the day, based on weather, tide, and previous plans.

  • Coordinate with the Youth Sailing Committee to plan one overnight for each session.

  • Manage and participate in the activities of the day as appropriate.

  • Observe, coach, and counsel instructors as necessary.

  • Conduct mid session evaluations for instructors and CITs.

  • Write up final evaluations for the Youth Sailing committee.

  • Debrief with Instructors on a daily basis. Encourage forthright discussion.

  • Be available for daily questions from parents and problem solve with Instructors or Committee Chair as appropriate.

  • Manage initial response to any emergency situation. Immediately call for assistance.

  • Oversee, Run and Present Awards at the Youth Regatta.

  • Present awards at the Awards Ceremony on the last evening of each Session.

  • Assure adequate shore supervision any time any camper is on-shore.

  • Assure that the Club premises are tidy, especially at the end of each day.

  • Secure the Yard and Facilities at the end of each work day.

  • Update the Head Instructor Manual at the end of the Summer

  • Prepare a detailed Fleet Inventory and Fleet Summary at the end of summer.

  • Can delegate any of these duties to the other Instructors as deems appropriate.

Assistant Head Instructor ($720/week)

The Assistant Head Instructor (ASI) will work directly with the Head Instructor in sharing management responsibilities for the program. The specific duties of the ASI are assigned by the Head Instructor and will be some selection of those duties described above for the HI. The HI and the ASI are expected to work as a team optimizing the sailing program and ensuring the safety and oversight of the campers. Assistant Head Instructors will participate in the mid session evaluations and also write up final evaluations of each instructor and CIT.

Instructor ($600 week)

The Instructors will perform the duties assigned to them by the Head Instructor, or as delegated, by the Assistant Head Instructors. Instructors are expected to assume the leadership roles for which they have been employed.

Specific duties include:

  • Manage on a daily basis the activity for their designated boat group at the Club, on the water and on shore.

  • Report any days off to the Head Instructor with advanced notice if possible.

  • All Instructors will be responsible for preparing lesson plans and conducting chalk talks, land drills, and on the water drills on topics assigned to them by the Head Instructor. The activities of the day are opportunities to reinforce the skills presented during the drills.

  • Be flexible to changing conditions and have a fall back plan for no wind, too much wind, low tide or bad weather.

  • When on the water and away from the Club, Instructors will remain in radio communication with the Head Instructor and other Instructors with radios.

  • Instructors should develop a thorough knowledge of the boats they will be teaching in. If a camper makes an inquiry that you do not have the answer for, be honest about it. Find the answer and get back to them.

  • Instructors shall present themselves professionally. The IYC Instructor polo shirts shall be worn while in the role of Instructor. Instructors shall provide a good example and wear their life jacket and closed toe shoes on the dock, ramps and boats at all times. When out demonstrating skills on the water, they shall wear a helmet. When conditions dictate, Instructors should wear foul weather or sailing gear as appropriate to the circumstances.

  • Instructors should display a positive attitude and be friendly and helpful with the campers and parents or guardians of campers.

  • Instructors will participate in the Friday night social activities. Instructors shall be assigned one social event and work with the lead parent to make it run smoothly.

  • Direct the campers to put sunscreen on both in the morning & after lunch.

  • Advise campers to drink water and stay hydrated.

  • Instructors shall not use profanities while in the role of Instructors or within earshot of participants in the program.

  • Assure that the equipment is cleaned up on a daily basis and stored in a way that it is ready to be used the following day.

  • Assure that proper maintenance takes place on all boats. If a problem is minor, correct it immediately. If there is a need for a more complex repair report it to the Head Instructor.

  • Complete a “Fleet Inventory Repair List” each day after sailing for your assigned group and give to the Head Instructor.

  • Instructors shall manage the campers’ clean up of the Club on a daily basis, assigning jobs and making sure they are done, assisting if necessary.

  • Assure that left items are placed in the Lost & Found on a daily basis.

  • Instructors shall help the Head Instructor with Awards Night activities.

  • Instructors shall prepare, administer, and grade a written final exam for both boat groups.

  • Some Instructors will be needed to assist with the Youth Sailing Regatta, with extra pay.

  • Some instructors will be needed for the overnight with extra pay.

CIT positions ($200/week)

  • CITs will perform duties as assigned by the Head Instructor or, as delegated, by the Assistant Head Instructor or by the Instructors, including the following:

  • Attend daily briefing and debriefing meetings with Head Instructor and other Instructors.

  • CITs shall present themselves professionally. The IYC CIT polo shirts shall be worn while in the role of CIT. CITs shall provide a good example and wear their life jacket and closed toe shoes on the dock, ramps and boats at all times. When out demonstrating skills on the water, they shall wear a helmet. When conditions dictate, CITs should wear foul weather or sailing gear as appropriate to the circumstances.

  • Attend and ultimately prepare Chalk-talks. CITs present one chalk talk per week.

  • Assist campers in rigging and de-rigging boats.

  • Assist at dock with launches and dockings, facilitating crew changes as necessary.

  • Assist Opti and Bic Instructors as directed including demonstrating on the water skills.

  • Crew in safety boat when necessary for Opti & Bic group.

  • Actively participate in the clean up on a daily basis.

  • Assist Instructors with all Friday night social activities.

  • CITs will follow the direction of the Instructor(s) they are working with.

2nd Year CIT positions ($300/week)

In recognition of their additional experience, 2nd year CITs will be paid more and will wear red shirts along with the other instructors. If you have further questions, please contact the chair of the Youth Sailing Committee, Tim Duncan at Good luck!