1.  Rules

           a. The regatta will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), as modified by

           these Sailing Instructions and the Notice of Race.

           b. Rule 40 is changed as follows: All competitors are required to wear a life jacket or

           other adequate personal floatation device while racing.

           c. Crew names are to be entered on the Registration form.

      2. Notices to Competitors

          a. Notices to competitors will be posted at the notice board at the end of the dock.

     3. Schedule of Races.

  1. See Notice of Race 3.0 SCHEDULE OF RACES

     4. Courses

      a.See attached course sheet.

      b. If wind conditions dictate, a reverse course may be indicated by the Race Committee

     5. Marks

  1. A, B, and E will be yellow cylinders. Marks C and D will be orange balls.  Start/Finish marks will be orange balls.

     6. The Start

  1. Starts shall be per RRS 26 . Time is taken from the visual signal.

  2. Class flag for the Flying Dutchmen will be Flag D

  3. Class flag for the 110s will be the 110 flag

     7. Protests

  1. There shall be none

  2. In the event that 7.a is ignored, protest forms are available at the end of the dock from the Race committee. For each class the protest time limit is 60 minutes after the last boat has finished the last race of the day.