Application Preamble

We welcome your interest in the Inverness Yacht Club, and we hope you will consider joining the organization. The following will provide some background information about the Club and, should you wish to apply for election, to facilitate that process. What is the Inverness Yacht Club The Inverness Yacht Club, on Tomales Bay, was founded in 1912 for the purpose of preserving Tomales Bay, fostering boating and yachting and to serve as a base for adult and youth activities in the community, both on and off the water. The Inverness Yacht Club is an all volunteer organization, relying on its members to assist in keeping the club operational. Volunteer service includes every aspect of the Club – tending the facility itself and shepherding it’s social events, involvement in the Racing program as well as the Adult Boating and Youth Sailing programs, contributing to a monthly newsletter (The Pilot), pitching in on work days, helping with our Ships’ Store which sells clothing and related items, and meeting the many other needs of the organization. Every member is expected to participate in some way. The membership is made up of permanent and part-time residents of West Marin, as well as families and individuals who don’t mind the lovely drive to spend time at the Club.

Activities include sailing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, fishing and just messing around in boats. A sizable amount of time is spent relaxing and socializing with other members and guests. The Inverness Yacht Club is very much a family oriented organization. Dependent children are treated as part of a membership. One aspect of membership is that couples hold a single membership, but are treated as individuals for purposes of voting and holding office.

Club Facilities and Benefit The Clubhouse is a two story building on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, on the shore of Tomales Bay. The upper floor, which is accessible either by stairs or by a lift, consists of a bar and lounge, a ballroom for social gatherings and a full kitchen and restrooms. The lower floor contains a dayroom, shower, and regular and handicap accessible restrooms, lockers and small boat storage. In the yard there is additional storage for larger boats and other craft. There is typically a waiting list for boat storage or lockers which is managed by the Port Captain.

Boats stored at the Club are expected to be used on a regular basis and launched from the Club facilities. There are two hoists for launching boats, and inner and outer docks for small boat hand launching, as well as trailer dollies. There is also a small beach at the south end of the property for use when tide permits. The tides frequently do not permit. A tidal level of two feet equals about 18 inches at the outermost float.

There are regular social events for members, their families and guests. The summer Youth Sailing program is open to the entire community, but members qualify for early registration. There is also an adult sailing lesson program and a certification program (which qualifies members to use a limited number of club boats).

The Application and Election Process While the Club is diverse and has a relationship with the community, it is still a private club which requires election to membership by the Board of Directors.

The Preamble to the Membership Application should be read and Membership Application should be filled out completely. It is a Club policy not to share any membership information with other individuals or organizations. However, your contact information will appear in the annual directory which is printed for use by members only. Please make certain that the names and email addresses of your proposer (sponsor) and two other members are on the application. They will receive an email with your application and verify their consent with the membership chair. We prefer that you attend at least one Open House prior to applying for membership.

Send your check for Membership Class Initiation Fee  and Dues: Membership Applications Inverness Yacht Club P.O. Box 186 Inverness, Ca 94937 . Please note the date you submitted your form on your check. 

Membership Type                                       Initiation Fee                                  Quarterly Dues

Regular                                                         $500                                          $108.00 / Quarter

Junior Adult                                                  $500                                           $27.00 / Quarter

Junior                                                           None                                                $27.00 / Quarter 

Reinstatement*                                            $200                                                  $108 / Quarter 

*Reinstatement of a .member in good standing

1)  Regular members where all members of the household are under the age of 41 may elect to pay off their initiation at the rate of $100/year until the entire $500 is paid or the oldest member in the household turns 41 (whichever comes first) at which time the balance of the $500 is due.

2 ) Junior adult members may pay off their initiation at the rate of $50/year until the entire $500 is paid or the Junior turns 31 (whichever comes first) at which time the balance of the $500 is due. Once we have received a complete application and initiation fees, you will be introduced for membership at the next Board of Directors monthly meeting.

The Board will then vote on whether to post your name for election, and if affirmative, your name will be posted in the next issue of the Pilot. At the next monthly Board of Director’s meeting the Board will vote to approve your membership. The process usually takes about two months. You are welcome at Open Houses in the meantime. Once your membership is approved you will receive a key to the gate, a burgee sticker and a directory in the mail. Questions? E-mail us at and we will e-mail you back, or if you include your name and number we will call you. 

Membership Application