The Adult Sailing Checkout Program is for Club Members only. The Program qualifies Club Members to check out and use a sailboat owned by the club. During summer months, the Club Scots are available for checkout only when they are not being used by the Youth Sailing program (which still leaves a lot of availability). Outside summer months, the Club Scots are almost always available. The Club Laser is available year-round.

Sailors must be certified before they check out a Club boat. Usually that involves an on-the-water test in which the sailor demonstrates mastery of the required skills.

If a member wishes to brush up on his or her sailing skills before obtaining certification, the best way to do that at the Club is to either participate in the Adult Sailing Lesson Program, or work with a sailing instructor on the side. The Club can provide a reference to an instructor.

For further details, please review the documents below and/or contact the Adult Sailing Chair (Ned Congdon, 925-984-6835),

Adult Sailing Checkout Program Description

The checkout program is for IYC members only. Absentee members are not eligible. This program allows sailors who do not own boats to skipper the Club-owned sailboats on Tomales Bay. Sailors who demonstrate mastery of the required sailing skills may be certified to check out and sail the boats owned by the club. Interested adult or junior members of IYC may enter the Checkout Program by filling out a Checkout Application Form and sending it to the Chair of Adult Sailing. After determining that an applicant is qualified to participate in the program, the Chairman may refer the sailor to an instructor, who will work with the sailor to improve his/her sailing skills, according to the skill level of the sailor. The sailor and instructor will work out the times of the instruction sessions, and the sailor will pay the instructor an instruction fee, set by the Adult Boating Committee. Alternatively the sailor can participate in the Adult Sailing Lesson Program during the summer months. When the sailor has progressed to the point where he/she is qualified to check out a Club boat, the Adult Sailing Chair will refer the sailor to a Mentor. The Mentor will verify the sailor’s demonstration of the skills required to be certified to check out the boat. For sailors who have considerable prior sailing experience, the Chair may refer them directly to a Mentor for certification. After the sailor has been certified to check out a Club boat, he/she can check out a Club boat per the established Procedures and Rigging Instructions, both of which are available either from this website, or from the Chair of Adult Sailing. Sailors who participate in the Checkout Program are responsible to help maintain and repair the Club boats used in the Program. This is a unique Program- please use it! I hope to see you out on the water -

Adult Sailing Checkout Program - Application

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