Certified Members can take advantage of the IYC boat check out program

Inverness Yacht Club Checkout Program

The checkout program is for IYC adult or junior members only. Absentee members are not eligible. This program certifies member sailors to skipper Club-owned sailboats on Tomales Bay. Sailors who demonstrate sufficient mastery of the required sailing skills can be certified to check out and sail the boats owned by the club. Sailors must be certified before checking out Club boats. 

To be certified, first familiarize yourself with the IYC Adult Sailing Checkout Program Procedures, Club Boat Equipment, and the Rigging Instructions (see below). Then fill out and submit a Checkout Application Form (also below). The Chair will review your application and assess your sailing experience. If you have considerable prior sailing experience, the Chair will refer you directly to a Mentor for a certification test, which includes an on-the-water verification of your sailing skills.

If you need to brush up on your sailing skills, the Chair will refer you to an instructor, who will work with you to improve your sailing abilities according to your skill level. You and the instructor will together work out the times of the instruction sessions, and you will pay the instructor a fee set by the Adult Sailing Committee. Alternatively, you can participate in the Adult Sailing Lesson Program during the summer months. When you have progressed to the point where you are qualified to check out a Club boat, the Adult Sailing Chair will refer you to a Mentor for certification.

After you have been certified to check out a Club boat, you can check out a Club boat per the established Procedures and Rigging Instructions using the IYC Checkout Request form below.

Sailors who participate in the Checkout Program are responsible to help maintain and repair the Club boats used in the Program.

This is a unique Program- please use it! We hope to see you out on the water !

- Inverness Yacht Club Adult Sailing Committee

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